How To Make Brownies Using Cadbury Black Forest

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We all love making food stuff that contains chocolate as all of us have bit of a sweet tooth. Different people love their chocolate in different forms. Some people simply like to eat the slabs while other like to make things with chocolate and make. It could be cake, fudge or brownies. Now for your ingredients you have many different sources you could your chocolate from for things like fudge brownies. I say this as there are so many chocolate makers out there. But today the focus is to how make Cadbury black forest brownies. Probably one of the best brownie you would ever taste. The nice smooth taste of Cadbury combined with a brownie recipe can do amazing things to your taste buds, trust me on that.

You’ll need a bunch of the basic ingredients to get started. Let me list them all out of you. You are going to need flour, Cadbury cocoa, baking powder, sugar, melted butter, mildly beaten eggs, vanilla and of course some Cadbury dairy milk Black Forest chopped as this makes it easier when it comes to the whole process of making it. Once you have obtained all of these ingredients you can move onto the next step. The cocoa of course you could possibly use another brand as well but it would be best if you could obtain the Cadbury one as it is said to be very good.

Before we begin, keep in mind that when I mean chopped dairy best milk black chocolate it is up to you to decide on what size you want it in. Some people prefer to get a good bite while some others prefers smaller pieces. So moving on to the whole making of it. First you need to find a square pan with appropriate baking paper. Keep a little bit extra reaching out of the pan so that it makes it easier to take it out once done. About 5cm should do the trick. After that sift the baking powder, the cocoa and flour together. Do this properly until it is a finely mixed and then add on the sugar and mix it well and thoroughly. Following that combine the eggs, butter and vanilla together.

Once done, combine the two sets of ingredients and pour it into the pan. Pour the rest over it. Following that cook it for about 1 ½ hours in 160 Celsius until it is finely cooked. Once done carefully remove it and put it in an air tight container for eating later. Putting them in the fridge in my opinion makes then taste much better but that is up to you.